Our international salesforce is skilled in helping you leverage lines of credit, developing forecasts on product, and is responsive at all hours. They have combined decades of experience in the field, and have a deep knowledge of the way products are sold in various regions- this comes in handy when trying to move through closeout or excess inventory products in particular regions. Get in touch with your local Nektova sales team to setup an account and begin business right away!


Our world class logistics team is both capable and experienced at shipping goods worldwide, same day. Whether for big box retailers, or small mom and pop shops, Nektova recognizes the importance of consumer electronics being delivered efficiently and expediently. Customers rely on our detailed and proactive tracking updates and customs clearing for cross border shipments.

Credit + Financing

Nektova’s multinational credit team leverages multiples finance devices across a range of services and companies to enable customers to achieve maximum ROI on their cashflow. Give our team a call to discuss your options further. Get in touch with your Nektova sales rep + financial team in order to get you a line of credit starting at $50,000, all the way up to $500,000.

Online Brand Management

Our experienced team can help manage your brand online. We work with all platforms directly to ensure that your brand does not suffer from devaluation on the web, and work to promote your brand using market tested and approved practices across multiple marketplaces.