Tech for all

With products in thousands of stores, institutions and corporations across over 40 countries, we’re making premium branded consumer electronics available to businesses of any size, in any industry.

The beginning

Nektova started small in the early 00’s, importing high-end tech to countries with limited accessibility. As demand grew, we kept up – and grew exponentially, filling the need for globally delivered CE products with computers, gaming, tech accessories and more.

Along the way, we gained exceptional insider knowledge that we leverage to maintain steady inventory and deliver product at unbeatable speed.

Nektova today

Today, we’re a team of category specialists, salespeople and global market consultants pooling our expertise to deliver solutions across many market segments. We enable our clients keep up with the lightning speed of business with an always-stocked warehouse.

Our product is ready to leave our warehouse and enter your stockroom, store shelf or space at any given hour. It’s what allows us to promise – and overdeliver – time and time again.


Executive Team

Moshe Cohen

Benjy Winkler

Sol Fischer


Jay Sommer

Jozef Friefeld

Yoni Tesser

Brian Rosen

Yosef Barer

Jack Anisfeld

Lambert Lopez

Dennis Rosen

Mary Bagby

Yakov Dov


Mendy Kornbluth

Sam Anisfeld

Paula Corana Bautista

Ana Maria Corana Bautista

Danilo Rosario

Shulamis Cohen

Sally Bitton

Keep up with the speed of business.


Get premium products up to 6% cheaper and 85% faster than leading CE distribution competitors*.

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